Liverpool Environmental Flows Group

Discovering how Liverpool Flows

About us

What is it?

Liverpool Enviornmental Flows is a new research group created by Dr. Jonny Higham, Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. The aim of the group is to investigate all types of environmental flows including: physical environmental and human flows in cities, oceanic wave and tidal flows, rivers flows and many more. The main ethos of this group is to bring science to all, all of our software and data is open source and can be downloaded on this website.

Enviornmental sensors in our city

Liverpool is one of the UK's most polluted cities. The aim of this project is to quantify what this pollution is, where it is, and how it is flowing in our cities. We currently have 8 hand-built, custom enviornmental sensors (see video of them being made below) which measure: temperature, humidity, sea-level pressure, UVa, UVb, dust concentration, volitile organic compounds and estimated of carbon dioxide. These sensors are just the beginning, we aim to have the whole of Liverpool connected over the coming years. Keep following the progress over the next few months, it's coming along very quickly!.